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If you’ve been thinking about organizing educational session for your hospitality industry for a while, we’d like to help. Have you noticed that your bureau or chamber staff and the industry are moving in opposite direction? Would you like to introduce a new initiative? Perhaps, you’d like to explain how to work social media for the benefit of the entire destination.

We know CVBs have limited time and resources, plus it can be a lonely job some days. If you’d like to give us a call, we can discuss your special project and then provide you an estimate based on the work desired.

Our consulting can be arranged after we’ve had a get-to-know each other call. You need to feel comfortable with us, who we are and what we bring to the table. We handle these conversations with discretion. We’re here to help. Below is a list of few of the projects we’ve been involved. Please Contact Us either by phone or email.

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Special Projects

  • Developing trails, itineraries for target markets and grants programs for events
  • Editing or critiquing marketing materials and bid proposal
  • Identifying tourism assets and crafting inviting descriptions
  • Auditing your online presence
  • Putting your destination or visitor business on the ma
  • Reviewing or creating a plan for informational and directional signag
  • Coordinating photo shoots

Training Sessions

  • Understanding Technology – From Websites to Social Media
  • Tap into Niche Markets – From Craft Beer to Mother Nature
  • Are You Maximizing Your Hospitality Industry Relationships
  • See Your Destination Through Your Potential Visitor’s Eye
  • Effectively Working Social Media
  • Why is My Attraction Listing Missing
  • Stay in Touch with Your Guest
  • What Can the Hospitality Industry Do to Help the CVB
  • What Makes a Winning Bid Proposal
  • Why a Calendar of Events Should be Chock Full of Visitor Friendly Activities?

If you have something special in mind, reach out to us so we can discuss if further. We’re here to help.

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