Keyboard with handicap key in red

Is Your Website Accessible?

Lawsuits by professional plaintiffs for noncompliant ADA websites drive me crazy. Fair treatment for the visually impaired and the wheelchair disabled does, too. Note: I am not a lawyer nor am I providing legal counsel or advice. I’m a tourism marketer … and I’m a proponent of being inclusive. The American Disabilities Act1 (ADA) specifies how …

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Staying on Top of Online Reviews

Keeping up with online reviews can leave any business owner or tourism marketer feeling stressed. While we can’t always control what’s posted online, we can at least be in a position to be aware they exist. Then we can decide whether or not to react. Review sites allow any organization to easily claim their listing and …

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Build Customer Engagement with Live Chat

Let’s Chat About Customer Engagement

It’s safe to say that the longer someone stays engaged with you or your website, the greater likelihood you have of them becoming a customer – purchasing your product or service – or having a satisfactory experience. It’s no different than watching a company’s video whether promotional, how-to instructions or client testimonials. Drawing someone into …

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Digital Video Camera and Green Screen

The Basics of Taking Good Video

If you’re looking to use video online, follow these two simple rules: #1 > Shoot the video horizontally, not vertically. Think about the end user and the screen where it will be viewed. A television, computer monitor, movie theater screen and YouTube are all horizontal. Note that less post-production time is needed when a video …

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