TLC Website Care & Maintenance

Your website is the hub of all your marketing efforts. Every outreach – social media, ads, events, PR – should drive your target markets to your website. Our job, as part of our TLC care and maintenance packages, is to keep your site running in tip-top shape. It needs to function properly and efficiently at every turn.

One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that our customers sometimes have questions or need a helping hand. For this reason, we’ve set up our TLC packages to include time for our clients to ask questions or ask for recommendations or advice.

Daily Backup

Basic | Standard | Premium

This is known as peace-of-mind. Our websites are backed up daily so when a minor update by someone in-house goes awry and an important page disappears, breathe a sigh of relief. We have the ability to restore them.

Server Security

Basic | Standard | Premium

We scan for security flaws, malware and other things that go bump in the night. We take extra steps to protect your site. We also require heavy-duty passwords and we automatically lock out those who make repeated attempts to gain access.

Secure Websites

Basic | Standard | Premium

Web browsers now show an “unsecure” message for those sites without the “https”. This can scare clients and cause them to worry if they should visit the website. We include a free secure certificate as part of our TLC packages.

24/7 Monitoring

Basic | Standard | Premium

We’ve all seen the 99% uptime promise. How do we achieve this? We ping our servers every 2 minutes. In this way, we know when something’s gone afoul. When an issue is found, an email is automatically sent to us and our tech guys who immediately take action to resolve the matter. We make sure you have the ability to sell tickets, take orders and provide directions when you need it most!

Maintenance & Licenses

Basic | Standard | Premium

You bought your website and paid for it; you now own it. All the software and licenses – like a carpenter’s tools to build a house – used to create the website are our tools of the trade and belong to us. Our TLC packages include use of them as long as we oversee the maintenance and care of your website.

Technology Experts

Basic | Standard | Premium

We do more than build responsive design websites. We pride ourselves in working with experienced tech vendors and attending on-going training and education sessions to give you the best product and your customers the best experience. We have a very methodical process. We test new gadgets, widgets and plug-ins to make sure they work properly and don’t conflict with our existing website technology. New doesn’t always mean better.

Customer Service

Basic | Standard | Premium

We know technology but we also know how to explain things in common sense terms. This ability is one of our greatest assets. We’re here to help. We’ll provide you a dedicated customer service email to use for website support and content updates. For larger tech-related questions, we’ll ask you to schedule time to talk with us. See Quarterly Consulting.



We provide monthly reports that detail the updates that have been made, confirm your websites uptime, and detail that back-ups, security scans and optimization have occurred.

Quarterly Consulting


Because our expertise extends beyond websites and tech, our TLC care and maintenance packages lets you use your allotted time for marketing, festival and event questions.

Visit our calendar to set up a time to talk.