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Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your customers is key to them remembering you. These touch points are ready reminders to return, share the latest news and gossip, too. Set yourself up for success by collection emails and using tools that allows you to connect with potential customers.

  • The more people you can stay in touch with the better. We know the first step is to gather email addresses and we can help make that happen.

  • When the time is right, we can assist you in creating an effective eNewsletter or eBlast and in spreading the word about your destination or visitor activity.

  • Besides communicating. it’s just as important for you to know who you reached, how many sought more details and what stories garnered more interest.

  • Leave the technical stuff to us, if you want. We have packages that can handle the entire process, freeing up your time to do other things.


Content Marketing

Content marketing, an outbound effort, is an effective means to develop and grow relationships with your target audience(s). Fresh blog content is one more way to share your story. Like a tradeshow promo item, it is designed to create a connection.

Regularly updated content also signals that your blog or website is engaged, helping to drive your site higher in search results. 

  • Our well-crafted blogs have the ability to drive not only website traffic but quality traffic and to expand visibility on the Internet and in social media.

  • A little namedropping goes a long way to expand your social media audience.

  • Our blogging packages can be tied into your overall digital marketing efforts so as to further enhance your exposure.

  • A powerful resource, blog reports highlight your readers’ interests. Focus or realign your sales and marketing efforts if needed.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) lets you target specific types of customers using paid advertising. Highly targeted ads focus on the demographics and psychographics on your desired audience. Additionally, SEM creates a visible presence. The focus is placed on key visitor information portals.

  • Digital marketing is woven into and through the fabric of your website’s content, blogs, social media and online advertising. By moving in the same direction, you can improve traffic and conversions.

  • Looking to improve the quality of website visitors to those more aligned with your target markets? Let us help you reach those visitors as cost effectively as possible on social media.

  • Targeted online ads will drive the right customer to your site, resulting in increased visitations and stays, and giving a boost to the economy.

  • Looking to grow a particular market segment? SEM can do this. Watch how they convert to an inquiry or RFP. Now calculate your return on investment.