Because we believe it’s all about the experience, we know that your website plays a pivotal role in connecting with a visitor during the research, planning and booking/reservation stages.

While your website is central to their engagement, an integrated marketing effort should be designed to:

  • Drive quality traffic to the website,
  • Convert visitors into customers,
  • Establish relationships that will result in your guests shouting from the social media mountaintops, and
  • Continue to engage with them afterwards.
A thoughtful, intentional integrated marketing campaign can result in the sum being greater than the parts. Below are a few of the ways we can help round out your marketing efforts.

Examples of Special Projects

  • Developing trails and itineraries for target markets
  • Editing or critiquing marketing materials and bid proposals
  • Identifying tourism assets and crafting inviting descriptions
  • Auditing your online presence
  • Putting your destination or visitor business on the map
  • Planning and directing photo/video shoots

CVB Training Sessions

  • What’s Happening with Your Event Calendar/Listings
  • Understanding Technology – From Websites to Social Media
  • See Yourself Through Your Customer’s Eyes
  • Why Your Online Presence Matters
  • Say You Care - Stay in Touch with Your Guests
  • What Makes a Winning Bid Proposal
  • Maximize Your Relationship with your CVB

If you have something special in mind, reach out to us so we can discuss if further. We’re here to help.