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Put Yourself on Your Visitors’ Travel Planning Maps!

Every travel destination (DMO/CVB), tourism attraction and leisure activity should put itself in the driver’s seat to help steer (bad pun intended) visitors their way. Simply stated: put yourself on the map. Take the wheel to make sure your tourism agency or business is listed, listed properly and a map marker plotted in the correct location on all the major online maps.

The most-utilized map service providers are:

  • Apple Maps (defaults on iPhones)
  • Google Maps (also a default on Android phones)
  • Bing Maps (Microsoft)
  • HERE Maps (Yahoo and Uber)
  • OpenStreetMap ( search engine and others)
  • MapBox (used by Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Snapchat, United Airlines, The Weather Channel)
  • MapQuest (owned by Verizon Media)
  • WAZE (a social media traffic sharing app)
  • Not as popular but a brand name mapmaker none-the-less … Rand McNally

One of the best ways to prioritize which map to tackle first is to consider major online travel planning and review sites:

  • Yelp uses Google Maps
  • TripAdvisor uses OpenStreetMap
  • Google My Business uses Google maps

There are numerous offline travel map apps that can be downloaded and used without the benefit of Wi-Fi access. Perhaps those are best left to be added to the to-do list for a summer intern.

How to Fix a Map Error
So how do you fix a map issue? Within every U.S. county, typically the planning department is responsible for GPS (global positioning system) mapping.

One of our downtown destination clients maintains a list of attractions, restaurants, bar and lounges, and shops on its website. We noticed that individual business addresses that were recently added featured street names with NW or SW. Previously, the streets were listed as North, South, East or West as this area of the city is on an east-west grid pattern. We reached out to the local planning department and shared this oddity and within a short period of time the street directional names reverted back. However, planning departments don’t control all the elements that display on a map.

Here is a helpful link that will give you immediate access to the most-popular map providers so you can quickly request an update:

At Flying Compass, we understand … it’s all about the experience. It’s important to do everything in your power to guarantee visitors a positive experience. We know that with positive engagement visitors will social share and perhaps become evangelists.

If you’re looking to audit your destination’s visitor engagement experience or would like to schedule this topic as a workshop session for your industry, reach out to us at Flying Compass.

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