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Seconds Count with Mobile Responsiveness

Go ahead. Take out your smartphone and see how long it takes for your company’s website to open. According to Google, as page load time increases so does a website’s bounce rate. When it takes from one to 10 seconds for a page to open, the probability of a mobile website visitor bouncing away increases 123%.

Google defines bounce rate”… when a user opens a single page on your website and then exits without triggering any other requests …” The bounce rate is important to those who monitor their website’s analytics or statistics. This information is crucial to those looking to insure that their website is taking advantage of every engagement opportunity and performing well.

If you are hoping to drive visitors to your website and ultimately to your business to buy your products and services – be it a brewery, museum, sightseeing tour, zoo, dinner cruise, outdoor activity, festival, etc. – while someone is traveling and the mobile version of your website isn’t optimized, they are gone. Those people have moved on … lost forever.

Reviewing your website when it’s launched on a variety of devices is key to making sure the load time is at peak performance. Routinely checking your website against the analytics and then making adjustments, when needed, should help to lower your site’s bounce rate.

Some days I think our Flying Compass web development team is a bit obsessed over page size, the number of elements on a page and speed test results. One thing is for sure. They know and understand that every second counts when it comes to engagement. Capturing a customer when they are in the buying stage is key to driving a guest to your front door.

Learn how Flying Compass can help improve your website’s load time and keep customers heading your way, driving revenue and profits. Schedule a free call with us by clicking here or reach out to us using our contact us form.

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