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Social Media Marketing

Social media enables you to speak directly to your visitors. Because it is interconnected with your company’s philosophy and culture, our services are designed to help guide you in the right direction. Allow us to take a closer look to assure every post is effective and engaging.

If you’d prefer a more hands-free approach, we’d be happy to assist in spreading the word on your behalf.

  • Start with a good social media (platform) foundation. To make the most of each platform, we’ll analyze where you are, what’s right and wrong and where you should be.

  • We offer training sessions to help you get started on social media and direct you to the most effective platform(s) to reach your desired target audiences.

  • If you don’t seem to get any traction … followers or conversion from your posts, we’d be happy to explain why, so you can begin to make the most of social media marketing.

  • Looking to increase your website traffic and to those your target markets? Let us help you reach those visitors through social media and do it as cost effectively as possible.


Online Presence

Engaging happy customers and responding to discontented ones shows you care. Ignoring comments or not reacting quickly speaks volumes. Some use contact forms while others prefer to shout it from social media and review site mountaintops. Take it as an opportunity to take correct action or to counterbalance. Allow us to help enhance your public persona.

  • We can take a comprehensive look at how you are represented across the Internet. This will allow you to know what others “see” when they search the web.

  • We can segment key touch points and then provide feedback on successes and areas needing attention. Are facts about your destination and tourism assets’ useful, current and accurate.

  • Monitoring review sites are critical. We can share the secrets we’ve discovered or the latest news.

  • We management packages that assure you are earning favorable comments.

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