It's all about the experience

Marketing Designed to Drive Visitors

Increase Awareness, Attendance & Profits

Websites / Email Marketing / Online Presence / Brand Identity / Festival & Event Experiences

We’ve said it for years…vacations, weekends and leisure time are all about the experience.
Discover how we can help you make your experience unforgettable.

Capture tourism and niche markets to grow visitors​

Build and nurture relationships through email marketing​

Tap into festivals and events to create awareness

Travel & Leisure Markets We Work With

Father and Daughter Fishing

Destinations & CVBs

We believe that the visitor experience is everything. It begins with a trip to your website or some relevant connecting point. Every step taken in route to your destination and every interaction once they’ve arrived creates an experience.

We’d like to help you and members of your industry create more engaging, meaningful and sharable experiences.

Tour Guide in Historic Alexandria, Virginia

Attractions & Activities

We believe that the visitor experience is everything.

We help you create more engaging, meaningful and sharable experiences centered around the hub of your marketing activities – your website. Then we give you the tools to continue to develop those relationships turning your guests into repeat visitors.

Bicycle Race

Festivals & Events

We work closely with event organizers in helping them reach the visitor market as well as their local community so as to grow attendance and profits.

We’re here to help you understand not only what needs to be done but also the how. Events can be time and labor intensive. Together, let’s work smarter not harder.


We’ve worked with hotels, resorts and inns for more than 35 years. We’ve developed niche websites for destinations and weddings, too.

Our approach is all encompassing but addresses the unique needs of each market segment. We help you stay in touch with your existing guests as well as capture new customers.

What makes Flying Compass unique:

It's All About the Experience

We specialize in designing websites that promote the visitor experience by using compelling photography and video that captures your experience.  More visitors drive more bookings, attendance, revenue and profits.


Our websites are designed to help you nurture customer relationships. Stay in touch using email marketing and watch your efforts be rewarded. Converting website visitors to customers is key to further increasing profits. 

Growing Your Customers

Our expertise is also in organizing, promoting and managing festivals and events. This well-honed talent complements our website development and marketing skills. We can show you how to use events to grow customer base.

Tourism Marketing Drives Visitors

While many businesses rely on the local community, we know the value of the visitor market and the impact it can have in growing your bottom line.  We know the  tourism industry inside and out and how to capitalize on it  and niche markets .

More Than a Website

As part of our TLC care and maintenance packages, we go beyond the norm. Our program allocates a set amount of time for us to update your website or you can use it as you wish – to ask us tech questions or to help you with your marketing or event planning questions.

Our process is quite simple

Get acquainted

If you’re interested, let’s schedule a free call (click on the button below) to talk about your needs or concerns.


If we agree that our services are a match for your needs, let’s set another 60- to 90-minute meeting. This is the start of our discovery process. We’re trying to find out what your true needs are and other information that will allow us to better understand how we can help you.

  • First we need to understand your specifics.
  • Then we’ll take a look at your current customers and/or your desired markets.
  • Next, we want to learn about others with whom you compete.
  • Once all this information is gathered, we’ll put together suggested solutions.

Solution & Proposal

The next meeting we’ll review our understanding of your needs, customers and competition, your desired return on investment (ROI) goal and what we can do to get you more visitors.

Together, we’ll review our suggested solutions and discuss what we believe we can accomplish. We’ll answer any questions you may have and then finish by presenting our proposal.