Passwords - How to Protect Yours

Passwords – How to Protect Yours

In this post:  passwords – how to protect yours, logins, User IDs, two-factor logins, special codes, VPN, virtual private network, hackers, ransomware, double blind password, password safety, master passwords, identity theft, monitoring and alerts, insurance policies.  How many times each…

Contactless Menus - How to Easily Create

Contactless Menus – How to Easily Create

In this post:  Contactless menus for restaurants, how to create contactless menus using QR codes, what’s needed, how to implement, why create contactless menus, the importance of safety and cleanliness measures, why customers want this information, why tourism, community and membership…

Keyboard with Handicap Key in Red

Website Accessibility – Make it a Top Priority

Lawsuits by professional plaintiffs for noncompliant ADA websites drive me crazy. Fair treatment for the visually impaired and the wheelchair disabled does, too. Note: I am not a lawyer nor am I providing legal counsel or advice. I’m a tourism…

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