Service Delivery

At Flying Compass we assist nonprofits and quasi-government agencies – their organizational management and leadership – through our coaching, project management and product development services. See Case Studies.

We understand the unique roles of volunteer board of directors, organizational management and members and customers. Additionally we work with established businesses and start-ups.

We’d enjoy helping you or coaching you, if our services match your needs. Let’s have a conversation.

01 Coaching by listening

We work to propel organizations forward, to navigate through sticky situations and to transform our clients in ways unimagined. If you’re not advancing your organization’s mission, feeling stuck or scattered, or frustrated by all the acronyms, buzz words and tech-talk, we can help.

  • We are problem solvers.
  • We feel at home with uncomfortable situations.
  • We question the status quo so as to find the root cause.
  • We distill what appears to be complicated into understandable bite-size pieces.
  • We translate gobbledegook into words that makes sense.
  • We consider how decisions will play in the media, and with the general public and your members/industry.
  • We keep confidential matters confidential.
  • We give honest feedback and share keen observations.
  • We find joy in helping others.

Coaching is a two-way street. You decide the type of access and the availability you need. We offer pricing based on phone or Zoom meetings at set times and days each month. If you’d prefer not to wait, our on-call coaching is another option.

02 Integrated project management

When engaged as a project manager, we assume the implementation, oversight and completion of a new or existing program or project.

  • Review bylaws, board orientation handbooks or board manuals, making recommendations for improvement
  • Advance the board’s vision and mission statements
  • Assist in moving to a first-time office and/or hiring support staff
  • Help the board prepare and deploy bids to secure service providers
  • Establish an institutional memory policy and related filing system
  • Oversee website redesign and development, print publications and event sponsorship packages
  • Narrow a potential vendor list to qualified candidates, distribute RFPs and recommend top candidates
  • Maximize customer, visitor and member engagement opportunities
  • Communicate with the right message and volume of content at the optimum frequency
  • Review your organization’s online presence or analyze and identify key locations to target
  • Research, establish and roll out authentic customer engagement opportunities or design new experiences or programs
  • Initiate a comprehensive review of all marketing tools or recommend essential ones
  • Focus on diverse revenue generating possibilities
  • Identify and engage key entities capable of positively impacting your success

03 Developing thoughtful projects

In this capacity, we build a project, service or a program from the ground up. The framework is turned over to staff with requisite experience for implementation.

  • Establish sales deadlines, and creative and production schedules for website redesign and development, print and digital projects, and/or print publications
  • Research potential revenue generators for a planned profit center
  • Build sponsorship packages
  • Put in place and develop multi-generational PR tools
  • Refine RFPs to secure budget and needs-relevant proposals
  • Research efficiency opportunities
  • Review membership benefit menus with upsell add-ons
  • Analyze the organizational structure and recommend re-alignment options
  • Enhance or improve the board of directors nominating process
  • Explore untapped markets, infrastructure requirements and income potential
  • Formalize a mechanism to grow your volunteer base

Add-On Options

Project Management

Once the project we develop is approved, we’ll then advance the project through the various phases to bring it to fruition. An authorized staff member is needed to answer questions and assist.

Coach to Completion

We can continue to stay involved with a project until it is completed or implemented by your set deadline. In this role, we work closely with you or your staff by coaching the project through to the completion. To assure the final product meets your needs and expectations, we’ll follow-up at regular intervals to assure it continues to stay on course.

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