Website Design + Development

Your website should be your most powerful communication tool – the hub of all your marketing efforts. It should be an inviting place to engage visitors, provide information, and tease them to experience your products, services and activities. This is what we do:

  • Create dynamic, responsive websites with compelling content.
  • Develop a well-optimized foundation – the website’s architecture is designed for today and future needs.
  • Adapt websites to meet consumers’ different device needs when they research, make buying decisions and take action.
  • Build-in features like online calendars, blogs, directory listings, affiliate programs, check availability and book reservations, automate notifications and gatekeeper content approval.
  • Design websites that are accessible, inviting and WCAG compliant.
  • More importantly, we’re here to help and answer questions long after the site goes live.

Content Management

We put you in the driver’s seat. Our sites are designed to allow individuals with general website literacy to update content in-house easily.

  • Work closely with you to develop a website that enables your staff to make timely cost-effective changes.
  • Offer training and assist with minor edits to more complicated and technical updates.


Under our marketing umbrella, you’ll find we can assist with just about anything tied to your organization’s public persona – developing your brand and its identity (logo, colors, type and fonts, etc.), advertising, public relations, event sponsorship, email marketing, news releases, social media post topics, online presence including reviews, listings and profiles, digital stationery, voicemail messages, email signatures, trademarks (intellectual property), speechwriting, customer service surveys, mystery shopping and research. Below are a few of the ways we help our clients.

  • Develop authentic customer engagement opportunities to create relationships and sales.
  • Speak to your customers in the correct language using the right platform. This is critical to meeting their unique needs.
  • Learn how to handle online reviews effectively.
  • Identify and engage key influencers capable of positively impacting your success.
  • Review your marketing message and realign to ensure everything marches in the same direction.
  • Use best practices in cataloging your images in an organized, time-saving library.
  • Gain an outsider’s perspective. We’ll inventory your assets, services and activities and then analyze the results.
  • Use awards, review sites and social media to drive or promote your business and address customer comments.
  • Improve your customers’ experiences and your bottom line.

Marketing Tools

We can develop complementary promotional materials to support your organization’s brand identity and mission. All are designed to help your target markets take action.

  • eBlast system set-up with templates and sign-up forms.
  • Blog post content development.
  • eBrochures and digital flyers design.
  • Social media profiles and ads.
  • Tradeshow banners, QR code website access, online eNews sign-up forms.
  • Schedule a comprehensive review of your marketing tools; define essential ones and eliminate others.

Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your customers is critical to them remembering you. These touch points are reminders to return and allow you to share the latest news and gossip.

Set yourself up for success by collecting email addresses. Email marketing lets you engage with your customers regularly and create lasting relationships. We’re happy to help. 

  • We know the right way to encourage email sign-ups.
  • Communicate with the right message with pertinent details at the right time.
  • Allow us to create an eBlast template that matches or complements your brand identity.
  • We can develop story ideas, set a schedule, draft content, prepare the layout, deployment and reports.
  • Analyze reports to see what stories garnered the most interest and other data.

Integrated Marketing

A cohesive marketing plan requires every element to work together towards a common goal.

  • A social media post can encourage readers to visit your website to join your email list.
  • A print or digital ad should drive readers to a landing page on your website to begin their customer journey.
  • A blog post should pique someone’s curiosity to click on a link to visit your website for  more information.
  • A tradeshow attendee can scan a QR code on the back of a business card to be directed to a relevant website page.
  • An industry or consumer website link should take an individual to your website to learn more about an offer.
  • A community event participant should be reminded via a banner or a leave-behind that you are the event host, sponsor or vendor and how to connect with you afterward.

The ultimate goal is to connect all your marketing dots so they flow into your website – the hub of all your marketing efforts. While there, your target markets should continue through your sales funnel and their customer journey to take action.

Care + Maintenance

Nothing stays the same, and that holds for websites. The “wiring” allowing simple site updates needs regular attention to ensure all plug-ins are working correctly and not in conflict. With our TLC care and maintenance packages, we strive to provide you peace of mind. 

Not all website hosting is alike. Some can negatively impact your search engine results. We’ll oversee your primary marketing and communications tool to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  • Safety, security measures and uptime are monitored.
  • Performance is optimized.
  • Routine backups are scheduled.
  • Tech questions are answered.
  • Helpful support is available.
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