What We Do

We aren’t a general advertising or marketing agency or even a graphic design firm. We specialize in user experience-centric destination marketing solutions for DMOs/CVBs. We inspire people to travel and to … enjoy the fun things in life!™ Specifically enticing people to …

  • Visit destinations and attractions
  • Participate in leisure and outdoor recreational activities
  • Take sightseeing tours and cruises
  • Enjoy local foods, drinks, craft beers, spirits and now legitimate moonshine
  • Attend festivals and events
  • Stay in hotels, inns and resorts

That single focus is what we do.

Because we know … it’s all about the experience, we can drive more awareness, quality traffic, bookings and revenue to your destination.

Simply stated, we’re the travel and leisure experts.

Destination marketing audits

We conduct a thorough discovery process to determine where your destination stands. What’s involved …

  • Meeting with key stakeholders to identify opportunities, current hurdles, market segments and perceived competition
  • A comprehensive review of marketing tools on/offline
  • Identify key touch points including those needing attention
  • Offer recommendations to gain new and more quality visitors

Tourism workshops + seminars

As the tourism expert, we are available to bring to you and industry members a variety of workshops and seminars. Topics can include:

  • The #1 Google search for a destination and what it means to you
  • What it takes to put your destination on the map
  • How to stay ahead of online reviews
  • Why a mobile responsive website is so critical to your survival
  • Effective online event calendars can make you or break you

Website design + development

We design user experience-based websites, niche sites and landing pages to drive more business. We can integrate these features …

  • Hotel, attraction and tour bookings
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Calendar of events and activities
  • Festival and event ticketing
  • Shopping carts and gift cards

Brand experience + messaging

Through discovery and research, we capture what makes your destination special. We strive to …

  • Convey your essence, character or personality
  • Layer your brand and messaging into your marketing efforts
  • Reach your audiences where they hang out 
  • Incorporate dynamic, compelling content and imagery
  • Drive bookings, attendance, sales, revenue and profits

Email marketing

Get connected and stay connected. Let us help …

  • Email collection mechanisms
  • Maintain continuity – a consistent brand experience
  • Build-in ways to promote customer engagement, social sharing, tracking and reporting
  • Develop a master deployment schedule with defined content
  • Manage all or a portion of this process

Online presence - review sites

Engage happy customers and respond to discontented ones shows you care. Allow us to …

  • Audit and analyze your online presence
  • Make recommendations to enhance and improve engagement
  • Introduce monitoring mechanisms
  • Demonstrate ways to influence your social authority 
  • Share review site secrets and then hand off for implementation

Content marketing

Designed to drive website visitation and written to create a connection and engagement. This is how …

  • Concisely written and targeted to a specific audience
  • Visually appealing to capture interest
  • Focused on driving quality results – growth in website traffic
  • A valuable third-party endorsement

Public relations

Develop new and traditional media programs and content to meet the needs of each. Here’s how:

  • Our focus – destinations and their unique assets and attributes
  • Provide accessible materials when needed in a timely manner
  • FAM trip and media mission coordination
  • Develop influencer marketing and campaigns
  • Offer media training

Social media marketing

A necessary evil we hear again and again. We can provide valuable insights so you can be most effective. We can …

  • Audit and analyze your social media presence and effectiveness
  • Provide in-depth direction on how to manage internally
  • Or takeover day-to-day management of accounts
  • Use our social media tools to grow engagement, likes and followers, plus monthly reports
  • Improve your social authority

Festival + event coaching

Looking to create or participate in a festival? Learn the questions to ask before, during and after, like …

  • How to develop sponsorship packages and communication
  • What to look for when booking talent
  • Details – from trash to security to parking and more
  • Automate key processes – online ticketing, email marketing, volunteers, media

Photography + photo retouching

Turn a good website into a great one with dynamic imagery. We can …

  • Transform so-so photos into WOW images
  • Help you discover the secrets to photo shoots
  • Offer tutorials on how to shoot photos for social media
  • Assist in creating a media library for publicity purposes
  • Provide guidance in digital and copyrights and cataloging images

Video post production

Videos are one of the biggest ways to improve visitor engagement and SEO. Ask about our …

  • Post production services – editing, color balancing, sound tracks, intros, outros, adapting to various formats and more
  • Transforming raw video footage into bite-size sales tools
  • Creating videos for various distribution channels
  • Tutorials explaining how to shoot video for social media
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