Bahamas, BVI, Cuba, Indonesia, The Philippines and the Red Sea

Case Study | 40-Year Dive Boat Tour Operator
Website Design and Development + Marketing Tools

When we were introduced to All Star Liveaboards – a dive liveaboard tour operator with vessels in the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands and Indonesia – its website was not easily and efficiently functioning. At the top level, the site was slow and cluttered, had confusing page flow and did not work correctly on various size devices, including mobile. Other challenges were tied to SEO, fonts, a lack of an obvious call-to-action and no mechanism to build relationships.

Critical features needed to be rewired to operate more efficiently or developed, specifically bookings (trips and ground transportation) and communication tools.


We encouraged All Star to maintain the parent-child structure but that each vessel has its own personality and brand messaging. We developed the site architecture to capture the interest of those looking for a specific destination or vessel. We created an apples-to-apples infrastructure for each vessel, making content more logical for divers wanting to take trips on other vessels under the umbrella operation. We considered how scuba divers and non-divers make travel-buying decisions, too.

  • The content was rewritten to be clear and sales-oriented.
  • Selected imagery was now dynamic, of good quality and relevant.
  • Brand standards were established for consistency in language and word usage, and duplicate information was eliminated.
  • Many processes and communication flow were automated to save staff time and touchpoints.
  • Removed the need for multiple vessel price/rate uploads and achieved the same result with a single effort.
  • Added a searchable FAQ section, allowing site visitors to find answers to common questions easily.
  • Post website completion, an affiliate section was added to help and encourage dive shops and wholesalers to monitor their bookings, create banner ads and view their commissions.
  • An unpublished area with marketing tools for dive shops and wholesalers to sell All Star was added.
  • The website architecture was designed to adapt to a growing operation.
  • New vessel sections were created in preparation for the arrival of a new boat in The Philippines, the Red Sea and another in Cuba at Jardines de la Reina National Park (Gardens of the Queen).
  • Research was conducted for each of the new destinations and copy written to promote dive and non-dive/eco-adventure activities.
  • An e-newsletter template was designed, developed and formatted with short stories that could link to the newly created blog to showcase the full version of each.
  • Analytics allowed the client to see who viewed which stories to aid in determining future content.
  • Trigger automations are anticipated to be set up to further stay in front of readers.
  • Access was given to the admin area to help the client make timely updates.
  • Early on, access was provided to tutorials explaining how specific areas of the website functioned.
  • Two email collection vehicles were created and implemented.
  • Landing pages were developed as destination pages for online ads. They housed lead-generation tools to help gather email addresses.

At our direction, together, we researched and wrote “A Comprehensive Guide to Diving in the Bahamas: How to Plan the Ultimate Bahamas Dive Trip.” We also reviewed, edited, and designed the 38-page piece to establish the client as the Bahamas diving expert and generate interest and leads in their Bahamas trips.

As we have continued our relationship, we have designed and developed other print and online marketing and sales tools in various languages with the same brand experience or messaging for each vessel.

We continue to support our client regarding online ad tracking tools and are available for general marketing questions and assistance.


One of the owners once remarked that she was surprised that we knew nothing about diving and yet could build a website that captured everything they’d ever imagined. Flying Compass knows that our clients are experts in their businesses as we are experts in marketing, customer journeys and sales funnels. When you marry these together, we can create a dynamic website with the necessary tools to help make a substantial impact on bookings. We take pride in asking lots of questions and building customer-centric sites.

Our client reports that the booking window has widened, requiring guests to book further in advance. More importantly, they sometimes say it’s slow in the office but admit that’s because more answers are now readily found on its website. Dive clients no longer require a phone call to clarify details or book a ground transfer late Friday afternoon.

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