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Case Study | Corley Mill House & Gardens
Coaching, Redesigned Website & Sales Tools

Having recently purchased an event venue with an exceptional reputation for weddings, the new owner with extensive experience in festivals and events desired to create a new website so as to also promote to corporate and social event organizers. The client lacked foundational elements for these new market segments, including sales materials and photography.


A scaled back event venue website was suggested which had the potential to be expanded later as more answers evolved and content became available. We offered suggestions on how to obtain strong photography and how to update a mix-match of multiple social media pages under the venue’s name. An unpublished web page was also developed where contracted clients could access more detailed information.


The ultimate goal was and is to grow revenue for the client. While weddings are typically a weekend activity, sellable weekday space went unused. We worked closely with the client to add key components to the site resulting in it being more helpful to brides and grooms, corporate meeting planners and social event coordinators. We helped create sales packages for each market segment with and without food options, incorporated site plans, floor plans, assured key questions were answered and played devil’s advocate. Most importantly, we recommended structuring the site and promotional materials to properly flow through a sales funnel.

Time is a valuable commodity for the client. Having many of the answers on the website and within the packages allowed for more qualified inquiries to reach out to the venue thus improving booking percentages and reducing tire kickers. Pricing and blocked date conversations also helped guide our client to say no to some events knowing more profitable bookings were possible based on historical data.


We also recommended eProposals vs. paper contracts and provided guidance on sales contract language.

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