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Case Study | Black Folks Camp Too
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The president and owner, a powerful and charismatic speaker, launched his for profit company just prior to the onset of the pandemic. In a desire to help him reach his target market, we worked closely with the president to secure background and content to help him update his LinkedIn profile. This was done so he could better connect with potential influencers for speaking opportunities.


In the process, it was discovered that the president lacked a speaker one-sheet. A concise one-page flyer which captured his essence, speaker topics, background and brand identity were created.


As a true salesman, the president recognizes the value of a leave-behind for his company’s potential clients. He has since garnered multiple speaking engagements, has participated in webinars and he and his company have been the subject of news articles and feature stories. A door that we stuck our toe in during a statewide tourism conference grew into a partnership with a state park system which encourages Black folks to camp too.


Additionally we continue to make recommendations, regarding updates to the company website, and potential blog topics and diversity influencers. Through outreach methods, we have identified key players within the tourism and outdoor industries. We continue to provide insights and encouragement. As his company’s non-profit organization is established, we anticipate assisting in its development.

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