Modeling Agency - Create Dynamic Photos - Add People

Modeling Agency – Create Dynamic Photos by Adding People

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Modeling agency stories and those about models for hotel and resort photo shoots swing in either direction.

At all costs avoid thinking beautiful people will be staying at your hotel or visiting your restaurant and for the cost of dinner or a few drinks you can talk them into being models for your photo shoot. In more than 35 years of being involved with photo shoots, I’ve only seen that happen once and we shot two people from behind as they toasted the sunset. We got lucky.

Using a modeling agency is well worth the investment; do not nickel and dime their rates. Photo shoots are expensive and involved. Do it right. Pay for high quality models that are a match to your intended clientele.

Can you have bad experiences with contracted modeling agency services? Absolutely.

Case Study #1
The recent college grad with a degree photography, who happened to be related to the hotel general manager, arranged for the models. Rather than a one-time fee, the contract required an annual fee be paid to the models in perpetuity. This must be what was taught in some college course. With turnover in hotel management, how do you keep tabs on something like this? You really can’t. A year after the GM moved on, all the digital images from the photographer including those with the models were destroyed. The next photo shoot with models, we encouraged the property pay a higher one-time fee for unlimited usage rights. Pay once and be done.

Case Study#2
The agency that hired the photographer also hired the models. One 30-ish male model while tan had spent much time in the sun and to prove it had deep wrinkles in their forehead and plenty of crows feet at the eyes. The other male model when paired with the dark-haired female model came off more as a friend than a husband. Anyone who had looked around at other hotels would find the tan model featured on other hotel websites, too. When the hotel was asked if they’d like the wrinkles decreased with a little retouching magic, the answer was a very loud no. Not necessarily a wholesome image but what the hotel is locked into for years to come. The model might have been a better fit for a cowboy western.

Can you have good experiences with contracted modeling agency services? Absolutely.

Benz Modeling, a professional modeling agency, out of Tampa did an outstanding quick turnaround job. Fortunately, the client was willing to pay the going rate. While all of our preferred models weren’t available due to the short lead time, those that were hired were perfect for the project. They worked well together and even stayed afterward to have dinner on the client.

While some people always want to haggle on price, realize the person most impacted will be your model. Give them a reason to be happy they accepted the job and through to the bitter end when the photographer or videographer says, “We got it.”

If the expectation is that your models will come with a variety of outfits for each of the shoots realize their mobile closet is an expense to them…tools of the trade if you will. A fair wage allows them to keep their closet fully stocked.

As you look through an agency’s portfolio, make sure to find out when the images were last refreshed. Always assume some touch-up might have been done, too. Look to see the model in a variety of settings and clothing.

If the shoot is going to include swimwear, short sleeves, shorts, sleeveless attire and none are shown, start asking about tattoos.

If you’d like us to review model portfolios or take a look at those choices you’ve narrowed down, send us an email at Flying Compass via our Contact Us form.

If you’re going to live with these images for at minimum of five years, wouldn’t you like to make sure you’re extremely happy with the models you plan to use?

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