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WEBSITES LINKS It's a small thing but we believe it's important to check to see if your website is live every day. After all, it is your front door to the world. We're a fan of bad links or link checking reports, too. It's nearly impossible to make sure all links are functioning on all of your websites without investing a fair amount of time. As such, we ask our web guys to automatically create/install a bad link checker for each website. A report is generated every other week and indicates what links are broken and where. A county…

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Engaging Destination or Tourism Website?

The Bell-Shaped Curve  |   The Original Question  |   Breaking Down the Costs  |  Remember and In Conclusion If your website is nothing more than an online brochure, you may be missing the boat. Whether you represent a destination marketing organization - CVB or chamber of commerce - or a tourism business, your end goal should be to move the user to the next step - to go from being a looker to a booker - to convert them to becoming actual visitors or customers.  Your website should facilitate directing users to where they can book a room,…

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Retouching Food Photos is Simple as Pie

Sometimes, ideal conditions don't exist. Take for instance the photo on the left. It was a glorious day with a blue sky. The sunlight was still soft and the sun was in the right place in the sky. However, the pie's pudding was a bit wet and the graham cracker crust uncooperative. With photo retouching, a fine line exists between a realistic photo and perfection gone too far.  We strive to retouch an image to the point that a realistic photo could have been taken under ideal conditions. To achieve this after-the-fact, we removed the dripping pudding and smoothed out…

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Creating New Roads to Discovery and Revenue

Creating New Roads to Discovery and Revenue An Excuse to Come and Stay Longer - Themed Trails Great opportunities lie ahead for destination management organizations (DMOs) – convention and visitors bureaus and chambers of commerce - willing to blaze trails for visitors to explore. Similar to Lewis and Clark’s Journey of Discovery that opened up the west leading the way for the creation of the Oregon Trail and western migration, trails encourage travel. When I was growing up, my family loved the outdoors. We hiked whenever we could. Some trails were well-trodden paths amid tall pine trees and through…

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