Video Basics: 2 Rules on How to Take Good Video

In this post:  video basics, follow 2 simple rules on how to take good video, understanding how to achieve optimum results for the end viewer, especially if for social media and a tourism website, and the rule of thirds as it relates to the subject matter.
Follow these 2 basic rules to shoot video:

#1 > Shoot the video horizontally, not vertically. Think about the end-user and the screen where it will be viewed. A television, computer monitor, movie theater screen and YouTube are all horizontal. Less post-production time is needed when a video is shot horizontally.

If you shoot vertically because you are interviewing someone, trying to do a close-up and/or attempting to avoid what’s in the background – it will create more work at the post-production phase. It will require someone to take additional time to add new background once in the “studio.”

For a vertical video to view full-frame, it will only occupy one-third of the screen leaving the balance unused. Why not take advantage of all the space available? Shoot horizontally!

NOTE:  The vast majority of still photography used in tourism marketing is also shot horizontally. Think landscape and scenery photos, hotel rooms, etc.

#2 > The rule of thirds is a well-known photography principle that carries over to video.
If you look through the lens on many (non-smartphone) cameras, you will see a grid pattern. The grid should be divided into thirds horizontally and vertically giving you nine (9) total squares.

Place your subject matter at any (one or more) of the intersecting points or along a horizontal grid line. Following this rule will create good composition. The subject matter will then draw viewers naturally into the video or photo. It will also help in balancing the overall content and make a more pleasing shot.

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