Customer Engagement - Start Now with Live Chat!

Customer Engagement – Start Now with Live Chat!

In this post:  Customer engagement through a website’s online chat feature improves sales and customer satisfaction. Chat is designed to close the sales and meets the needs of those wanting immediate feedback.

It’s safe to say that the longer someone stays engaged with you or your website, the greater likelihood you have of converting them to become a customer – purchasing your product or service. Or having a satisfactory experience, if he or she is already a customer.

It’s no different than watching a company’s video whether promotional, how-to instructions or client testimonials. Drawing someone into the experience like participating in a beer, food or wine tasting are other examples. … just let them have a sip or a taste and they’ll see.

Live chat is no different. Obviously those who use live chat will extend a visitor’s time on your website as a result of this feature. Google Analytics can also be set to statistically prove how chatters and non-chatters spend their time.

Info seeks and buyers are driven by a “gotta-have-it, need-it-now” mentality. Live chat adds a new dimension when set up. It allows for more back and forth between your employees and a (potential) customer.

The only drawback, if there is one, is the need to have staff readily available to respond. This can pose challenges if your operation extends beyond your time zone and, more so, if your customers are based around the world. Depending on your particular product or service, those inquiries may increase in the off hours. Will your personnel be able to readily respond?

Know, too, that some chat systems, such as Live Agent, can be set to allow emails to be sent (and tracked within their system) when the chat feature is shut down. Worse case, which you may be employing now, is that your website’s regular Contact Us form is used to ask questions or share concerns.

More and more of our Flying Compass website customers seek to grow customer engagement and are asking that a chat feature be integrated into their website. To learn more about our website design and other services, click here.

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